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Once upon a first time, a musical road movie.

This story was born from the energy of two artists as singular as they are complementary.

V.V presents its idea of classical music : accessible, modern, demanding and above all creative. Their personal stories are at the centre of this journey. The musicians take the risk of creation for cello and violin, with a new repertoire that mixes improvisation as well as classical and contemporary music.

Les Bains Macabres
Catégorie : Live

Les Frivolités Parisiennes like to unearth the pages of French light music in order to offer the public a maximum of unpublished material. This 19-20 season will bring to fruition a project that has been underway since the company's beginnings: the creation of a comic opera by Guillaume Connesson on a libretto by Olivier Bleys, Les Bains Macabres, in partnership with the Théâtre Impérial de Compiègne.