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Once upon a first time, a musical road movie.

This story was born from the energy of two artists as singular as they are complementary.

V.V presents its idea of classical music : accessible, modern, demanding and above all creative. Their personal stories are at the centre of this journey. The musicians take the risk of creation for cello and violin, with a new repertoire that mixes improvisation as well as classical and contemporary music.

With them, there was a need for a representative of the opening of musical borders and freedom of interpretation. Hugh Coltman accepted their invitation and made this utopia possible in the most beautiful way in Corpus Christi Carol.

Their multiple personalities create the uniqueness of V.V. The virtuoso violinist who spends endless nights in Russian cabarets, the rock drummer who falls in love with a cello when hearing Ravel are among the many first times they will tell you about it.

In this album, V.V opens his secret garden, and leads you through...
...his first trips with La Grande Sirba and Far East Train...
His first sensations of infinity with Gluck and Britten
His first love with Ravel and Paganini
His first questions with Syllogismes
His first visual shocks with Handel and NoWhere in Paris
His first successes with Mozart
His first nostalgia with Wieniawski

This trip will remind you that through a film, a memory, a smell or a feeling, music goes through all of us in the same way, and V.V is there to take you along.

Music is a living language.
And a living language has no borders.
So music has no borders.

Pierre-François ''Titi'' DUFOUR V.V Guillaume LATOUR