Les Bains Macabres
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Les Frivolités Parisiennes like to unearth the pages of French light music in order to offer the public a maximum of unpublished material. This 19-20 season will bring to fruition a project that has been underway since the company's beginnings: the creation of a comic opera by Guillaume Connesson on a libretto by Olivier Bleys, Les Bains Macabres, in partnership with the Théâtre Impérial de Compiègne.

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Living on love and fresh water is one thing. It's another to die of love and thermal waters... From the meeting of novelist Olivier Bleys and composer Guillaume Connesson is born this contemporary comic opera, where the joys of repartee, the pleasures of a police investigation, the breath of the thriller, and the dizziness of love beyond death are mixed. A modern work in the old-fashioned way, conducted with finesse, humour, and perfumed with a few drops of phantasmagoria.

from 31/01 to 06/02 at the Théâtre Athénée Louis Jouvet
on 15/02 at the Théâtre Saint-Dizier 


Created in 2012 by Benjamin El Arbi and Mathieu Franot, the Frivolités Parisiennes is an opera company that defends the light French repertoire of the 19th and 20th centuries. Composed of a chamber orchestra of variable geometry, the Frivolités Parisiennes regularly call upon singers, conductors, directors and specialized musicologists.

In their endeavour to give back its letters of nobility to a total genre where Singing, Dance, Theatre, Lights, Decors, Costumes cohabit, the company wants to associate Musical Composition and Dramaturgy or how contemporary artists tell a story through the prism of our time.

2020 will be an opportunity to discover a Cole Porter in love with Paris with Cole in Paris, a season that will also live to the rhythm of Paris Frivoles and the project De Mômes et d'Opérette, which will take us to the Imperial Theatre of Compiègne, Saint-Dizier, the Athénée or the Opéra Comique, meet Alice, take a whiff of "Aunt Caroline" or travel to the moon.


Les Bains Macabres
24 and 26 January 2020 - Théâtre Impérial de Compiègne
From January 31 to Feb. 6, 2020 - l'Athénée Théâtre Louis-Jouvet
15 February 2020 - Théâtre de Saint-Dizier

9 and 10 April 2020 - Théâtre Impérial de Compiègne 

Cole in Paris
29 and 30 April 2020 

Breton tour "Les Fous Chantants" (The Singing Fools)
From 4 to 10 May 2020 - Morbihan
10 May 2020 - Closing Concert - Théâtre d'Étampes

De Mômes et d'Opérette - Street Art! 
End of June 2020 - Paris