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It took a sanitary crisis for Youn Sun Nah to finally reveal herself as a songwriter in the full sense of the word.
Twenty years after her first album released under her name, the Seoul-born singer publishes a collection without any covers, featuring eleven songs of her own which she began writing while confined in Korea.

Waking World is an album full of light and shade, gathering in about forty minutes the numerous pieces of the puzzle forming the self-portrait of a singer resembling none other than herself.
Jazz is on the edges, folk is around and pop nearby, Youn Sun Nah is faithful to the paths her voice has been walking for ages now.

This is not something new for the singer who quickly branched out from the academic way as soon as she landed in Paris, in 1995. She changed her course towards jazz as in her 2011 album Same Girl, which raised her to the top and made her name famous around the world.

From then on, she crossed stylistic barriers and conquered a faithful audience without giving up experimenting: her last album Immersion, was full of electronic temptations.

Some of these elements remain in this new project, as do delicate overtones of subtle strings, reinforcing the cinematic dimension of her compositions. "It's not just about songs, but rather fragments of history, like back-to-back sequences."

Youn Sun Nah will revisit this new repertoire on stage with a brand new band: voice-bass-guitars-keyboards
Each musician will perform his own instrument as acoustic and electric, suggesting that the changes of climates specific to Youn Sun Nah's shows will be more than ever present !


Thomas Naïm, guitar
Tony Paeleman, keys
Brad Christopher Jones, bass

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Entre la grammaire musicale de sa Tunisie natale et celle du jazz le plus moderne et le plus aiguisé, le maître du oud, vocaliste et compositeur, Dhafer Youssef développe depuis plus de trente ans une identité stylistique inimitable et passionnante.

Avec son nouveau projet « Digital Africa », il explore ses inspirations africaines dans leur modernité, aux côtés de deux musiciens aux parcours tout aussi décloisonnés que le sien.