Stacey Kent
Catégorie : Live

After the success of her set with a symphony orchestra, Stacey Kent is back with her long cherished formula...

The American singer Stacey Kent is an artist whose style is so unclassifiable that she almost deserves to be categorised as a unique artist. A sublime interpreter of this vast repertoire of standards to which the Americans have given the name "Great American Songbook", Stacey Kent, who speaks fluent French and Portuguese, has over the years considerably expanded her territories beyond jazz by venturing into song and bossa nova. Always approaching these genres in a very personal way but without ever trying to transcend their codes, the singer has developed a style so naturally syncretic that she never gives the impression of transgressing any frontiers in order to move from one idiom to another. For Stacey a song is a poem whose melody reveals the meaning as naturally as the inflections of spoken language, offering another level of expressiveness, more emotional, but never pathetic.

"Ms. Kent embodies the essence of saudade as persuasively as any of her Brazilian idols. When she tilts her head and hums softly, you feel like a woman without any protection, living in the moment and dreaming aloud. "Stephen Holden, The New York Times.