After giving many concerts across Canada and Europe, Misc (formerly known as Trio Jérôme Beaulieu, Radio-Canada's 2013-2014 Jazz Revelation) launched their third album in spring 2016; it got nominated for Jazz Album of the Year in both Quebec’s ADISQ Gala and the independent music “GAMIQ” gala, winning the latter. Having received many praises for their previous work (Jazz Album of The Year in 2014 at ADISQ, winner of the Rimouski Jazz Festival Grand Prize in 2011, etc.), this confirms the quality and durability of the band’s presence in their homeland.

In 2021, Misc is releasing a new album called “Partager l’Ambulance”, recorded in the span of a whole year in their own private studio. With this new opus whose compositions are firmly anchored in an era of doubt and a tempestuous social context, the young trio continues its exploration and blurs the boundaries between the musical genres to a farther extent then they have ever done before.

If the trio of Quebec-based musicians hail from the jazz tradition considering their vocabulary and the importance of improvisation throughout their music, they are clearly not limited to it with regards to their artistic direction, flirting mainly with pop, rock and electronic music and using a wide range of effects, sampled field recordings and orchestration tricks throughout their work. These influences which characterize a new generation of jazzmen translate into strong melodies and catchy grooves, rooting their music into the modern era while keeping the refinement of the jazz tradition.

It’s that very personal and distinctive musical color, enhanced by the chemistry that the three musicians have been building together for almost 10 years now, that makes Misc an essential member of the Canadian jazz scene.