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Valérie Graschaire

[English] [français]

Happy she who like Valérie Graschaire, has made beautiful journeys and tells them with a light heart ...
Her crossings guide us towards the country of melodies which have lived inside her for quite a long time, not to say forever. By choosing the cities of the world as the red wire of Once Upon a Town, - A Record that breaks a silence of seven years after the release of Finally - Valérie grants us the privilege of a confidence. She overflies the continents to redraw a personal story where every new visited place is gush of colors and source of delight.
Engraved in the marble of the titles which compose Once Upon a Town, the destinations towards which Valérie Graschaire leads us are often explorations of a collective memory : the singer merges the periods and the styles (French pop music, rock, pop music, jazz) and offers herself the pleasure of eight covers to make the rope of the memories vibrate better, beyond the generations. As if it was a question of reminding that all these musics with multiple esthetics in reality only form one. An ode to freedom.

But Once Upon a Town is above anything else a collective adventure the geometry of which draws an equilateral triangle : symbol of harmony. Valérie Graschaire, more than ever blooming, could not have foung better fellow travellers than the followers Jean - Yves Jung and Frank Agulhon. The first one, who signs by the way three original compositions, deploys his organ Hammond in the way of a panoramic view ; he opens for each of the so-highlighted songs with vast harmonious spaces, just as much as the landscapes we can endlessly contemplate. The second feeds his play of the rhythmic profusion which is his imprint and which it is necessary to feel - we shall easily understand why - for what it is : a palpitation.

These three singings in accord make blow on this crystal clear record a wind of serenity which takes, city after city, towards the pleasure of being together in music. Immediate boarding !

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