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Sidony Box

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After being recognized and shared stages with such great names as Me’Shell Ndegeocello, The Bad Plus, Emile Parisien,Tigran Hamasyan, or Magma, Sidony Box is outing a fourth album with special guest trombonist Gianluca Petrella who we could see playing with Enrico Rava, Bobby Previte or Paolo Fresu.
This new disc is called "Here comes a new challenger" and sounds like a real punch-kick
summoning as pop-music, electronics as free-music.

The new Sidony Box album coming @Naïve records on october 23, 2015 featuring brand new track "Zebre".

This new form of Sidony Box is now an incontournable band on the international scene.
Sidony Box is Arthur Narcy on drums (played with Bernard Lubat, Richard Pinhas, Noël Akchoté, part of collective 1Name4Acrew), Manuel Adnot on 8string guitar (co-creator of 1Name4Acrew, member of April Fishes, played with Sébastien Boisseau, François Corneloup, Mike Reed, invited by Me’Shell Ndegeocello at 2011 Jazz à La Villette festival in Paris ), Elie Dalibert on alto saxophone (member of collective 1Name4aCrew, shared stage with KneeBody, also invited by Me’Shell Ndegeocello at La Villette), and finally Gianluca Petrella on trombone who integrate the band now on future shows.

French Avant Garde Music Trio Sidony Box Release New CD Recorded By Magma/Gong Legend Venux Deluxe

Paris, France - Much to the anticipation of music aficionados around the world, French avant garde music troupe Sidony Box have released their third album ’Sidony Box Rules’. Award-winner of the “Rezzo Jazz a Vienne 2010” showcase and selected for the AFIJMA’s “Jazz Migration 2011” tour, Sidony Box has earned its scenic reputation through Europe and already released two albums acclaimed by international press. Sidony Box is back on stage with a luminous and heavenly third album recorded by Venux Deluxe, well known for his work with legends such as Magma and Gong, taking the sound of the ensemble to a new plateau in sonic expression. This album installs the power jazz trio in the tradition of its illustrious elders, while keeping the devastating energy that made the initial force of the band. Free electrons spinning in the same direction... Exploring musical boundaries with remarkable consistency by creating an imaginary artistic landscape, Sidony Box is now writing a new page of its history, becoming impossible to miss from now on !

The best way to present the music of this trio is probably to emphasize the state of mind in which it arose as well as its aspirations. Urgency and obviousness first characterize Sidony Box, which was created at the beginning of the summer 2009, not as a conceived project but more a happy consequence of an unpremeditated encounter. While the three musicians play for the first time together, a genuine sound and the will of a common musical direction intrude naturally. Far from the classically well-ordered styles, each individual of this band brings in its own musical identity to design rapidly a unique repertoire inspired by the contemporary world, blending with ease separate musical universes. From then on, extemporaneous feelings and a savant mixture of influences are expressed in the name of spontaneity. While guitarist Manuel Adnot’s reference artists are numerous and eclectic such as Deftones, Happy Apple, Sigur Ros or Radiohead ; drummer Arthur Narcy is an ardent trance and “working sound” devotee, and alto sax player Elie Dalibert is more anchored in the jazz tradition yet naturally open to all sound cultures. De facto present here and there, pop accents, metal, or noise are always underlain by an improvised speech which is the foundation of their pieces. Their only motto is to play totally. All in all the credo of the trio is to play the music of the moment rather than to lock itself in a definitive style. The pieces are most often collectively woven from a written pattern to a band composition in which three individualities blend to a unanimous speech, to the sound of the band.

Says guitarist Manu Adnot, “Our new release ’Sidony Box Rules’ is the result of all our work since the band’s birth in 2009. All music styles are played at their paroxysm : free jazz music, pop song. hardcore, electronics, post-rock... This is what we wanted when we started together ; playing very different styles with only a trio formation, without bass. We looked also in a new way of thinking for us with more completely free improvisations ; this time we really have left the things coming out naturally, and we took time to play again and again for getting out the best energy. This album is the results of all that ; free way of thinking, free way of playing music, and a lot of pure emotion. Hope it will touch you too.”

Here’s what the press raved about Sidony Box’s previous releases :

“Their music, which blends shoegaze and modern prog-rock with jazz improvisation, feels expansive... With droning guitar and undulating waves of rhythm, the music is textured and layered, so much so that it sounds like a few more than three musicians...the trio draws on the aesthetics of certain rock bands – Radiohead, Tortoise, and Sonic Youth, in particular – as it constructs songs” - Boston Globe

Sidony Box boasts a style that melds jazz, pop and hard, in-your-face rock, bursting with urgency – a blazing and obstreperous crew. Even when the band drifts, it does so with a certain intensity, conjuring images of a waning star emitting a cold, radiant electronic wave, on a drift through deep space, and announcing that Sidony Box is a conglomerate with an oddly metallic synchronicity.” - All About Jazz

“By the time this complex and challenging ride is over, musical categories lay in pieces on the ground.” - Something Else Reviews

“This French power trio dishes up a very satisfying blend of avant-jazz, prog-tinged rock, and free-ish improvisation, with wonderful dynamics, brilliant instrumental interplay, lovely melodies, and highly engaging guitar work by Adnot.” - Guitar Player

The french power-jazz trio SIDONY BOX continue its ascending through international jazz scene with all new repertoire that call as pop and electronics esthetics as jazz and improvised music. The grand news from this project is the arrival next to the trio of the trombonist GIANLUCA PETRELLA who could see playing with Enrico Rava, Bobby Previte or Paolo Fresu. Because the alchemy worked, the band decided to make their new live album with Gianluca Petrella as a guest for this year !