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One year after "Siam Roads" - epic musical journey on the roads of Thailand, displayed at the "Festival d’Île de France", the band Limousine is soon coming up with a new creation, this time in the field of digital arts.

Based upon a repertoire yet unheard, Laurent Bardainne (Poni Hoax), Frédéric Soulard (Vitalic), Maxime Delpierre and David Aknin will reintroduce their dreamlike and phychedelic universe on stage, along with video-maker Benoît Simon and plastic artist Bertrand Planes.

"Suntitled" is an authentic sensorial road-movie that can be seen as an evolution of the poetic ballads that we got used to in their previous creations.

Co-produced by "l’Avant-Seine", a public theater based in Colombes (France), and Anteprima, also with the support of Acardi, this project will be created on November, 30th 2013 as part of the "Festival Nemo".


Driven by Laurent Bardainne (Poni Hoax), David Aknin (Bitchee Bitchee Ya Ya Ya, Jamaica), Maxime Delpierre (Paris, Viva & The Diva) and Frédéric Soulard (Maestro), Limousine composes instrumental music, between pop and jazz.

Their music is contemplative, sensual, fascinating, visionary. "II" contains The Reindeer, used for french filmmaker Bruno Dumont’s movie’s trailer soundtrack, Hors Satan, selected at Cannes film festival in 2011.

Limousine - La Gaviota from Fortiche Prod on Vimeo.

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