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Jim Henderson

[English] [français]

Jim Henderson is a young Brussels electronic music producer who comes from a big musical family.

Since the age of 14 years instead of watching TV after school I shut myself in my room and stayed glued to my computer to experiment on my music software.

With my parents musicians, I bathed in jazz, soul, funk, and then I discovered electronic music and studied classical music and jazz. This is probably what explains why my writing does not follow specifications. It does not mean it is inaccessible, but rather, universal. I am Belgian. Living in Brussels, a crossroads of many cultures is an asset to me.

This rich and diverse writing allows Jim to sign, in 2014, his first EP "Never Ending" on the label Moodfamily. Then a second "Dreamcatcher" was released shortly after the Brussels Play Label Records. In 2015, the meeting with Stereoclip was born in several pieces and an EP on the notice Atmosphere Records "Dance Machine".

His musical personality also attracted the Yael Naïm singer, who invited him to remix a track on his latest album “Older (revisited)” released in 2016.

When I compose I have no preconceived ideas ; they come naturally. I’m often told that my music is at once dark, choppy, calm and soothing. I guess it reflects my personality.

In his new EP "Controversial", Jim Henderson asserts that acting, as a producer requires the service of pictorial music and magic. Four titles ("Nightfall", "Breathing Underwater", "Controversial", "Artificial Freedom") describe each part of the particular world of Jim.

"Breathing Underwater” is a poetic reference to my childhood dreams ; it echoes “Nightfall” is a nod to being a producer of the night. I laid my studio in a garage. In there, there is no daylight. Sometimes, I have no sense of time. What I love about electronic music is that you can do what you want and elements can happen subtly in lots of different ways. I love the idea of time stretching and disconnecting from what surrounds us.

On "Artificial Freedom", I refer to the society in which we live. Most people think they are free to think and act but do not see that they are handled. Or they veil their faces, and I find it even sadder. I like the fact that music helps to travel, to rise, to overcome some standards, pressures ... trituration sounds. I try in my own way to highlight what I have as a more intimate basis of myself. It’s not necessarily a clear or political message, but rather a set of feelings that help me to assert myself as a human.”

Mississippi- 2016 (Anteprima Productions)
Controversial - 2016 (Anteprima Productions)
Breathing Underwater 2016 (Anteprima Productions)
Dance Machine - 2015 (Atmosphere)
Dreamcatcher - 2014 (Playlabel Records)
Never Ending - 2014 (Moodfamily)

Co-Publishing : Anteprima Prime / Alter K
Photo by Etienne de Villars