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Their very first EP revealed a duet mindful for words and sound (Express Checkout, June 2017).

Without further delay, the Parisian duet, Anna & Victor, aka HOTEL, is back with another 5-track opus that favors French writing and more upfront compositions such as "Digitale". An electric hook follows verses’ punchlines : "Her pixelated body vanishes / As her flesh got lost into digital data / Love filter in a click / Online love elixir ". The tone is set. HoTeL questions the times we live in with some kind of skepticism. In this digital era, where is the human factor, where is the organic element, the heartbeat ?

Yet,Anna & Victor, in their DIY process, still acknowledge the infinite possibilities provided by machines and a home studio. "Once before the synth, a dialogue takes place. The machine brings just as much as you bring to the table…You’re like…ok this is what you can do, let’s see what we can do together" said Victor. The guitarist of the group, trained to blues and also mentions Daft Punk, Nirvana, Beck, LCD Soundsystem as great influences/heroes.

Her tone is low, she’s a songwriter and an arranger : meet Anna. She makes sure the duo stays on track : "I really want the initial spirit of the song to be preserved. It’s never about relegating the emotions in the background"

The emotion is therefore intact and present as we can feel it on the pretty hook of "Hémoglobine", between digital blues and electric pop. A track that could definitely make its way on the radio. HoTeL, succeeds into creating qualitative yet relatable music. "We believe that sharing with the listener is possible : we make a suggestion that is relatable. We are not into leaving people out ! We were raised properly (laughs)" says Anna who also cares about preserving the handmade dimension of this project. It’s the result of a search they carried on their own, before Guillaume Jaoul from Tropicalia studio Paris joined in.

Now imagine The Kills meeting Bashung in Paris Les Halles in the middle of the 80’ and you get "Perfecto" followed by "Digitale" then "Dust" the story of a fascinating character who lived in the streets of New York.

In a Krautrock register, "Transcendantal Express" is more of a single train ticket, first panting then on the verge of a nervous breakdown. The project ends on that note proving one more time that the duo loves to surprise with new atmospheres.

Mexican director Alejandro Rodriguez (nominated for Oscars for "Children of Men") also holds a key to the Hotel’s story. The three friends produced two clips shot in the Redwoods in the North of San Francisco.

On stage the duo shares the stage with talented friends : Joachim Masson on bass (Natas Loves You), Augustin Hauville keyboards (Concrete Knives) and Edward Essex on drums (Mrs Good). They develop a strong universe with different moods sometimes muted, or fresh like the cocktail menu of a good hotel bar.

This EP found balance between digital and organic, always on the edge, never to dramatic or "dark", never too pop or too sweet. This EP is more of a lettered yet generous resurgence of French Rock.

Label / Publishing : Anteprima / Anteprima Prime
Photo @ Arno Lam
Graphism Room 102 : Byzance