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Beginning of the story, Anna and Victor meet at the concert of the Rolling Stones at the Mogador Theatre in November 2013... The debate revolves around Tame Impala, the Kills, James Murphy, Damon Albarn or Air.

Some jam sessions later, the duo rush into sessions of composition and writing that Nathan Bellanger (Granville, Lewis Evans) has quickly join.

Very quickly a small community was created around the project. David Sztanke aka Tahiti Boy opens the doors of Tropicalia studio where they recorded and co-produced with William Jaoul aka Jah Rules their first album. "We speak the same language. Their demos have simply given me great and beautiful feeling, very close to what I could feel in the meeting of the authors : freshness, curiosity, and singularity. The many possible directions that have emerged at the mercy of records allowed me to remember that beautiful thing that is the surprise. Fine words fixed on the formidable tracks. Acid Pop, with the high-flying French indie - we think about Ariel Pink and Taxi Girl in a large shaker made in 2016. It’s all there ! ".

Mexican director Alejandro Rodriguez (nominated for Oscars for "Children of Men") also holds a key to the Hotel’s story. The three friends produced two clips shot in the Redwoods in the North of San Francisco.

On stage the duo shares the stage with talented friends : Joachim Masson on bass (Natas Loves You), Augustin Hauville keyboards (Concrete Knives) and Edward Essex on drums (Mrs Good). They develop a strong universe with different moods sometimes muted, or fresh like the cocktail menu of a good hotel bar.

EP indiground as they like to define, will be released in the coming weeks, recorded, mixed and mastered at Studio Tropicalia by Chab. Their title "Hard Night" was chosen in sync on the film "Tout pour être heureux" de Cyril Gelblat (Vendome Productions).

Co-publishing : Anteprima Prime / Warner Chappell