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Eric Legnini

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Eric Legnini is currently one of the most recognized jazz composers in France and abroad. His compositional work focuses on vintage keyboards : organ seventies - Eko, Farfisa - analog synths, effects pedals, programming of "beats" from old drum machines, Fender Rhodes, but also and especially the piano.

Despair [Single] - 2017 (Anteprima Productions)
Waxx Up - 2017 (Anteprima Productions)
Hummingthriiird – 2013 (Discograph)
Sing Twice ! – 2013 (Discograph)
Ballads – 2012 (Discograph)
The Vox – 2011 (Discograph)
Trippin’ – 2009 (B. Flat)
Big Boogaloo – 2007 (Label Bleu)
Miss Soul – 2005 (Label Bleu)
Rhythm Sphere – 1995 (Igloo)
Antraigues– 1993 (P Jazz)
Natural Balance – 1990 (September)

2013 : Nominee at the Victoires du Jazz « Album of the year » for Sing Twice !
2011 : « Instrumental Album of the Year » at the Victoires du Jazz for The Vox
2006 : Octave Jazz Music Award
2005 : Django d’Or for Best Performer of the Year

Aldo Romano, Alex Tassel, André Ceccarelli, les frères Belmondo, Boris Pokora, Cali, Daniel Romeo, Eric Le Lan, Franck Agulhon, Hugh Coltman, Jacques Pelzer, Joe Lovano, Kellylee Evans, Kiala Nzavotunga, Krystle Warren, Kyle Eastwood, Mamani Keita, Micky Green, Sami Thiebault, Souleance, Stefano Di Battista, Thomas Bramerie, Toots Thielemans

Photo @ Philip Ducap