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Eleven’ is the reunion of Kayla and Elvin Galland, twin brother and sister from Brussels, Belgium, aged 24. Eleven’ comes from the connection between the twins from the very beginning. Only eleven minutes separated them at birth !

Eleven’ grew up online. They created their first YouTube channel and Facebook Page one year ago. The twins posted covers and remakes and started to become quite popular. They delivered very well produced videos recorded in their own home studio. They managed to unite an active community around their music.

Born into a musical family environment, the twins discovered music when they were
very young. At the age of 17, they created their first band with some friends and
started covering Pop songs. They even won a music contest and performed on big
stages all across Belgium - Couleur Café, Francofolies, Esperanzah, Brussel Summer
Festival, Botanique.

Kayla learned to sing as soon as she said her first words trying to emulate her idols.
From this moment, she developed a passion for American Pop and RnB music. To
improve her voice, she joined the Royale Academy of Charleroi in Belgium working
on classical music. Since then, she worked with his brother and other music
producers, recording many covers. In 2014, Kayla performed in a TV show called
“The Voice Of Belgium” in the team of BJ Scott.

Elvin took private piano lessons and joined the music conservatory at the age of 19.
In the meantime he discovered a nice DAW and developed a passion for electronic
music. He chose the name “Jim Henderson” and created a whole universe around his
electro tracks signed on indie Belgian labels. He played on many clubs solo or with
other bands and co-leaders.

They finally decided to produce their own tracks in which they blended all their
favorite genres : Pop, RnB and Electronic music. Their very first single NEVER SAY SORRY (Ave Maria) will be out soon.

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