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Baptiste Trotignon

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This is a special opportunity to express my grandmother’s Haitian heritage with people who speak the same language.” —Yosvany Terry

With grant support from the French-American Jazz Exchange Program, Cuban-American saxophonist Yosvany Terry and French pianist Baptiste Trotignon present a unique and exciting program inspired by the rich and diverse musical traditions that emerged from the African Diaspora in the United States and former French colonies in the Americas. Named  Ancestral Memories , the project captures the rhythms, melodies, and harmonies of the Caribbean, New Orleans and French Louisiana, re-imagined through 21st century aesthetics and a jazz sensibility. 

Ancestral Memories also comprises Terry’s longtime rhythm section of his brother, bassist Yunior Terry and drummer Obed Calvaire, both of Haitian heritage. The quartet will tour in France and the United States in 2015-16. 

Nominated for a Grammy for Best Latin Jazz Album, New Throned King, Yosvany Terry most recent album, was based on a similar concept and seamlessly blended modern jazz with the ceremonial music of the West African and Cuban Arara culture. 


Almost 5 years these two musicians hit the road together, road which started during a tour in Argentina in 2011 !

Baptiste Trotignon, one of our best European jazz pianists, who recently also distinguished himself as a classical composer, get every time the support of public and critics, be he playing as a leader (most recently with his trio "Hit" with the incredible drummer Jeff Ballard), as a sideman (Aldo Romano, Stefano Di Battista...), in duo (Mark Turner, Brad Mehldau...) or in solo that he practices since the beginning of his career.

Argentinian Minino Garay based in Paris for more than 25 years defies all categories : not only drummer, nor only percussionist, but able to incorporate Latin rhythms into jazz, musical field where he blossomed and that let him play with great artists such as Dee Dee Bridgewater, Jacky Terrasson...

South American chili-based condiment, consumed in Argentina

With only the two of them and a purely acoustic instrumentation (piano / percussions), they learn from each other’s experiences, report in music their history and their culture in a festive and poetic manner. With a very broad directory ranging from songs to jazz, from their own compositions to the Argentinian tango, they love playing with beautiful melodies and improvise with South America’s rhythms. A true human and musical friendship which will result this year in the release of an expected album, especially by the public who already enjoyed their complicity and the energy that they communicate on stage.

The art of the duet is at once so spare and so full. Two musicians being so close to each other on stage soothes my mind and body. It enables direct communication from you to me, a true, simple relationship to sound.
This duet with Minino is like a point where two mirror identities meet : on one side, my European genetic heritage, which wanted to dig deep into its tribal truths in search of a form of authentic corazón that would stray from reason and its turpitudes, also as if to go further than the self in its desire for the unknown. On the other side, the musician who plays at working-class dances in Córdoba and who wanted to cross the Atlantic 20 years ago to fully embrace the sophistication and colours of another form of music, another language to share.
The music on Chimichurri is a journey between North and South, between the sounds of wood and hides, between languid nostalgia and mad frenzy, depending on the melodies lovingly chosen together.
The album has something raw about it. There’s no beating around the bush, no artifice. We just wanted to make the music tasty, in perpetual motion, never still, and of course with a bit of a kick ! - Baptiste Trotignon

To me, aside from the chemistry that’s powerful enough to bring us together like a gang on stage, this new artistic encounter with Baptiste Trotignon signifies the clash between Europe, the African-American world and the South American tradition. The spark between those three worlds creates new energy with unexpected beats and surprising melodies going back to the ancestral music of African griots and even beyond... I’m proud of this extraordinary mix and very happy to present and stand behind it. Chimichurri is an album to spice up your life. Have as much as you want. - Minino Garay