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Baptiste Trotignon & Mark Turner

[English] [français]

After "Share" and "Suite ..." two Franco-American albums that pianist Baptiste Trotignon released a few years ago, “Dusk is a quiet place” marks the reunion with New York saxophonist Mark Turner, a master in the art of improvisation, and who has already inspired a whole generation of young musicians.

This album was co-directed by two artists who blended their styles to offer a dusky and dreamy music, mainly composed of ballads, except for a short final wild samba evoking Sao Paulo nights. On stage, they sparingly add standards and new compositions, resulting in a "work in progress" which is always linked to the jazz idiom.

Beyond the image of "pure music" often associated with this adventurous duo, the dialogue between these two friends is a balancing act which combines the fluidity of movement with the speed of thought. It allows them to interweave a music inhabited by sensual sounds and a loving attention to melody, an uplifting music in search of history, strong and peaceful at the same time.