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Alex Grenier

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The 32-year-old Guitarist is well aware that the exploration of Jazz is an endless adventure. Continuously researching, practicing, spending days navigating among his mentors - Wes Montgomery, George Benson, Oscar Peterson or Blue Mitchell - and a more contemporary jazz. A work that turns out to be infinite, but it’s a pleasure to visit every form and to dive into the sound in the process ! The Angers based guitarist reveals : "I was offered my first guitar at six et since then I haven’t dropped it…".

In 2016, the powerful jazz trio - Alex Grenier (guitar), Hervé Moquet (bass) and Franck Durand (drums) - shot a "Punching Ball", a panting yet skillful LP. Now, the 4-track "Red Nova", arriving before an album to come in 2018, reveals other sides of its leader : a taste for countercurrent and renewal. Time for latin vocals and sounds, Bossa Nova, Blues, played or sampled. The whole work remains the work of a Jazz trio, lively and in tune. Indeed, renewal does not mean renunciation "Historically, Bossa Nova chords come from Jazz. That’s the link", reminds Alex. And we can assign this skill for sampling and hybrid musical encounter to his electro-jazz and dance past as a young and multi-instrumentalist composer.

Therefore, his new creations are partly the fruit of a patient elaboration in home studio, with infinite possibilities offered by the machine and software…As a watermark, appears all the composite musical background of Alex Grenier. Him who, at the chapter of his influences, quotes guitarists from Blue Note label as well as the precursor of Warp Records, Howard Roberts or the German electro scene. All in all, a limitless curiosity not so frequent in the Jazz landscape. He remembers : "When I was fifteen, my guitar teacher told me : "It’s ok now you can do music". He encouraged me not to be his clone ! But to find your way, you have to struggle. Open books, think, explore different registers and play a lot…". The exercise was profitable. On the interpretation hand, it led to a few prestigious awards. As a producer, Alex Grenier Trio, founded in 2012, now has 4 albums.

"Red Nova", and its beautiful bear artwork designed after the sculpture by Xavier Veilhan, is giving a foretaste of the new direction. The trio is more festive and playful starting with Olé Olé, interpreted with one foot down and a radiant smile. We find this taste for entertainment again on the track Calypstick ending the EP. In the meantime, with HyperNova and the evocation of blues of Spacewalk, the auditor appreciates the fluidity of the chorus, slightly heckled by fidgety rhythms and surprises. These two tracks feel like a wink above the terrestrial atmosphere ! Indeed, Alex Grenier, is also passionate about Space. This other dimension with infinite exploration.

Red Nova - 2017 (AG Prod)
Punching Ball - 2016 (AG Prod)
Special Jazz Standards - 2015
Slalom- 2014
Power Trio - 2013
Bubble Wrap - 2011
Wasabi- 2010
Siano ! Siane ! - 2010
Boomerang - 2009

1st Jury Prize at the 2014 Jazz à Sète Festival
1st Prize of the SACEM tremplin Nice Jazz Festival 2014
1st Prize at Jazz En Baie 2013

Photo @ Fabien Tijou
Artwork RED NOVA - Xavier Veilhan
Graphism - La Fabrique Rouge