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Aldo Romano

[English] [français]

Aldo Romano likes to travel, the kind of journey that takes you through space or time, the mysterious time of the unknown yet to come, or the sometimes-nostalgic time of memory. One day or another, at the crossroads of an adolescent memory and a new musical intuition, Aldo was bound to find himself face to face with Sidney Bechet.

It could only happen to him. Indeed, what other musician has known as much about marrying opposites without the slightest care for established boundaries or received ideas, wherever they come from ? An apostle of the freedom to which he has given more than his due – not for nothing was he one of the first European figures in Free Music, elbow to elbow with a Don Cherry or a Gato Barbieri, and many others – Aldo has never repressed his love for those melodies that some think easy, but which in reality sing the truth of music from the depths of the heart. Quite the contrary.

Remember the celebrated little phrase from “Il Cammino” ? As tender and sinuous today as it was twenty years ago, when it shone through the magic album so aptly titled Il Piacere.

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