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Anteprima Prime is a music publishing company founded in 2013 that brings together many great artists such as Manu Katché, Baptiste Trotignon, Eric Legnini, Jim Henderson, Eleven’, HoTeL, HUMAN, Alex Grenier

The catalog

  • Alex Grenier

    The 32-year-old Guitarist is well aware that the exploration of Jazz is an endless adventure. Continuously researching, practicing, spending days navigating among his mentors - Wes Montgomery, George Benson, Oscar Peterson or Blue Mitchell - and a more contemporary jazz. A work that turns out to be infinite, but it’s a pleasure to visit every form and to dive into the sound in the process! The Angers based guitarist reveals: "I was offered my first guitar at six et since then I (...)

  • Baptiste Trotignon

    Biography In the early 2000s, Baptiste Trotignon stole the show on the jazz scene in France with two piano trio albums that have revealed him to the public and earned him numerous awards.
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    With his experience, many meetings and research, he decided to return in 2014 to the formula which represents for all piano player the most conducive to all freedoms and innovations: a true "power trio" high flight on bass his stalwart partner Thomas Bramerie, and drums, the (...)


    Eleven’ is the reunion of Kayla and Elvin Galland, twin brother and sister from Brussels, Belgium, aged 24. Eleven’ comes from the connection between the twins from the very beginning. Only eleven minutes separated them at birth!
    Eleven’ grew up online. They created their first YouTube channel and Facebook Page one year ago. The twins posted covers and remakes and started to become quite popular. They delivered very well produced videos recorded in their own home studio. They managed to unite (...)

  • Eric Legnini

    Biography Eric Legnini is currently one of the most recognized jazz composers in France and abroad. His compositional work focuses on vintage keyboards: organ seventies - Eko, Farfisa - analog synths, effects pedals, programming of "beats" from old drum machines, Fender Rhodes, but also and especially the piano.
    Discography Despair [Single] - 2017 (Anteprima Productions) Waxx Up - 2017 (Anteprima Productions) Hummingthriiird – 2013 (Discograph) Sing Twice! – 2013 (Discograph) Ballads – (...)

  • Franck Agulhon

    Biography Franck Agulhon did not have to think twice when he invited Pierre-Alain Goualch and Diego Imbert to record his first album. The three musicians have known eachother for over 20 years and have participated in many projects together, including: Eric Legnini, Bireli Lagrene, The Cock and the pendulum, Flavio Boltro, Sylvain Beuf, and many more. After Hurricane Katrina that swept New Orleans in 2005, they decided to record a tribute album about this extraordinary city has managed the (...)

  • HoTeL

    Their very first EP revealed a duet mindful for words and sound (Express Checkout, June 2017).
    Without further delay, the Parisian duet, Anna & Victor, aka HOTEL, is back with another 5-track opus that favors French writing and more upfront compositions such as "Digitale". An electric hook follows verses’ punchlines: "Her pixelated body vanishes / As her flesh got lost into digital data / Love filter in a click / Online love elixir ". The tone is set. HoTeL questions the (...)

  • Human

    Human is the new project from former Grand National frontman La Rudd.
    Originally hailing from Weston-Super-Mare in the west country, La grew up on a healthy vinyl diet of the likes of ’Joni Mitchell’ ’Stevie Wonder’ ’Crosby Stills And Nash’ (to name a few) thanks to the impeccable taste of his parents. Dad, a gigging drummer and Band leader, and mum heavily involved in musical theatre. La started his musical path himself playing the drums like his father. It was only when a singer left the band (...)

  • Jim Henderson

    Biography Jim Henderson is a young Brussels electronic music producer who comes from a big musical family.
    Since the age of 14 years instead of watching TV after school I shut myself in my room and stayed glued to my computer to experiment on my music software.
    With my parents musicians, I bathed in jazz, soul, funk, and then I discovered electronic music and studied classical music and jazz. This is probably what explains why my writing does not follow specifications. It does not mean it (...)

  • Manu Katché

    Biography Manu Katché is one of the most influential musicians of today. He is a master of jazz and pop-rock, led a prolific career from an early age. His recognizable groove and his sense of dense, compact writing make him a exceptional composer with a national and international scope.
    Discography Unstatic - 2016 (Anteprima Productions) Manu Katché - Live in concert – 2014 (ACT Music) Manu Katché – 2012 (ECM) Third Round – 2010 (ECM) Playground – 2007 (ECM) Neighbourhood – 2005 (ECM)
    Awards (...)

  • Sidony Box

    Biography After being recognized and shared stages with such great names as Me’Shell Ndegeocello, The Bad Plus, Emile Parisien,Tigran Hamasyan, or Magma, Sidony Box is outing a fourth album with special guest trombonist Gianluca Petrella who we could see playing with Enrico Rava, Bobby Previte or Paolo Fresu. This new disc is called "Here comes a new challenger" and sounds like a real punch-kick summoning as pop-music, electronics as free-music.
    The new Sidony Box album coming @Naïve records (...)

  • Valérie Graschaire

    Biography Happy she who like Valérie Graschaire, has made beautiful journeys and tells them with a light heart ... Her crossings guide us towards the country of melodies which have lived inside her for quite a long time, not to say forever. By choosing the cities of the world as the red wire of Once Upon a Town, - A Record that breaks a silence of seven years after the release of Finally - Valérie grants us the privilege of a confidence. She overflies the continents to redraw a personal story (...)