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Youn Sun Nah, back on tour with a new album !

mardi 28 février 2017

Four years after her latest album Lento, highly expected sequel to Same Girl (French Jazz Academy Award, Gold record in France), Youn Sun Nah is back with She Moves On (ACT), a new album she will be presenting on stage in Spring 2017.

Outstanding improviser with a fabulous vocal technique, Korean singer is now among the leading figures of the contemporary vocal jazz scene. Youn Sun Nah’s universe is based on a minimalist aesthetic, a search of pureness and intimacy from where the fire of her powerful and full-bodied voice can spring out at any time.

With She Moves On, Youn Sun Nah once again delivers a colourist work, filled with charm and poetry. Like a slightly more grounded Björk, she relies on her many harmonic possibilities and a wide range of emotions, both for her own compositions and for an iconoclastic exploration of the repertoires of Jimi Hendrix, Joni Mitchell or Paul Simon.

Youn Sun Nah will be touring with a 100% American quartet : Jamie Saft (piano, Hammond organ, Fender Rhodes), Brad Jones (double bass), Dan Rieser (drums), who all took part to the recording of this new album at Sear Sound Studios, in the heart of Hell’s Kitchen in New York, and finally Clifton Hyde (guitars).

"Youn Sun Nah appears to have absolute pitch, a voice of very great agility, an interesting palette of vocal colours, a comfortable compass of at least three octaves, and a dynamic range to die for." London Jazz News

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