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’You’ve changed’, Baptiste Trotignon’s new creation

jeudi 4 avril 2019

Baptiste Trotignon studied piano and classical music since the age of six and discovered jazz and improvisation as a teenager. His first two trio albums in the early 2000’s (followed by two solo piano albums which both received major public and critical acclaim) brought him to people’s attention as one of the most spectacular member of a new generation of pianists, and brought him to perform at many major international venues..

In 2016, while he’s releasing a gorgeous original project mixing jazz and classical music on Kurt Weill with Kate Lindsey (’Thousands of miles’, acclaimed by ’New-York Times’), he signs with the major label company SonyMusic, releasing first two co-leaded albums showing his love for South-American musical traditions : Chimichurri with argentinian percussionist Minino Garay and Ancestral Memories with cuban saxophonist Yosvany Terry.

Baptiste Trotignon will make his return in 2019 with a new album and probably his more intimate "You’ve changed" (to be released in November 19). This project leaves a large place to piano solo but also to an incredible series of duets with guests such as Joe Lovano, Avishai Cohen, Ibrahim Maalouf, Thomas de Pourquery, Vincent Segal and Camélia Jordana

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