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Manu Katché "a new scope"

vendredi 14 décembre 2018

With this new album, Manu Katché brings together the roots of groove and the modernity of machines. In this opus, Africa is subtly mentioned and although ’the scOpe’ bears a wide spectrum of electro colours, the drums remain at the core of the album. "I composed the songs around the drums. I wanted to see people moving on my compositions, dancing, and singing gimmicks."

Throughout The ScOpe, Manu Katché puts his emotions under the microscope, he analyses the alchemy of sounds in a meticulous way and probes deeply the beings, tending towards the same impulse of musical and spiritual harmony.

Manu Katché will perform on the 1st of Feb. 2019 at Le Café de la Danse for an exceptionnal release party.

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