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When groove meets divine

jeudi 26 janvier 2017

Three years after Birds Requiem, Dhafer Youssef is back on tour from Fall 2017, to present his new album Diwan of Beauty and Odd , a blend of mystical-oriental sounds and contemporary jazz textures.

Nowaday considered as the most inventive oud player, Dhafer Youssef managed to bring this foreign instrument to the jazz scene, getting it out of its traditional context, introducing it to several genres. Dhafer grew up in Téboulba, a small fishing village of eastern Tunisia. At an early age, his grandfather initiated him to quranic recital. He gradually explored the potential of his voice, reproducing songs he heard on the radio in his mother’s kitchen, experimenting vocals in the hammam of the village. Moved by the child’s beautiful voice, the local muezzin encouraged him to record the call to prayer for the district’s mosque. Hearing his own voice from the top of the minaret is an experience that will remain engraved in his memory seven studio albums and hundreds of world live performances later.

Self-taught musician, he travelled across Europe, from Paris to Vienna, and followed his own path punctuated by several collaborations (Dave Holland, Zakir Hussain, Paolo Fresu, Nils Peter Molvaer …), developing a unique style between arabic music, jazz and electro. In 2015, he performed during the International Jazz Day in Paris, playing a duet with Herbie Hancock and also sharing the stage with saxophone legend Wayne Shorter, who accompanied him to perform "Haystan Dance".

In 2016, Dhafer’s incredible journey brings him back to New York, a city where he used to live several years in his early days and which occupies a special place in his heart and imagination. Diwan Of Beauty And Odd , his new opus, was recorded at the legendary Sear Sound Studio, in the heart of Manhattan. Dhafer is accompanied by the best musicians of the New-York jazz scene, a fabulous quartet featuring Aaron Parks on piano, Ben Williams on bass, Mark Guilliana on drums and Ambrose Akinmusire on trumpet.

Diwan of Beauty And Odd is a fusion of oriental influences and the urban grooves of New York. It is a vibrant encounter of tradition and contemporary rhythms, a universal call for peace subtly delivered.

On tour : Fall 2017 / Spring 2018.

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