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Accordion rocks !

lundi 10 septembre 2018


Released on August 31, Vincent Peirani’s new album was widely noticed, and medias are unanimous about it. For Arte, Vincent Peirani’s new project is likely to be the « new jazz breath ». The art of Vincent Peirani is his rhythm and his way of serving the song by adding layers to each piece as only an armada of keyboards could do it.

« The album « Living Being II. Night Walker » is obviously an instant classics. Everything is striking thanks to an ingenious match between intention and materialization, and the least effect accentuates the vigorous harmony of the ensemble » Télérama ffff

The album softly opens up with the interpretation of Sonny Bonno’s « Bang Bang ». The track, immortalized by Nancy Sinatra, owns an absolute delicacy. This cover depicts how much the soprano saxophone player, Emile Parisien, Peirani’s closest musical partner, gives the twelve pieces a new lightness.

« Just as Béla Fleck has done for the banjo and Grégoire Maret has done for the harmonica, French musician Vincent Peirani has emerged as an important advocate for the accordion. Peirani is a sensitive musician, a talented collaborator and an artist whose work can surprise and delight in equal measure. » Downbeat

Living Being « rocks the house » according to the newspaper Concerto. This brand new opus allows Vincent Peirani to appear as « one of the greatest accordionists of the world. We rarely heard such power that still preserves a jazz fineness ». Kulturnews

Vincent Peirani will perform at Café de la Danse, Nov. 8th

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