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Vincent Peirani from rock to jazz music..

mercredi 9 janvier 2019

Vincent Peirani is a jazz musician who is equally at home in world music, classical music and pop. But listening to his new album, you will see that he turned accordion into the baddest of rock’ n’ roll instrument. On "Night Walker" the French man shines. His quintet with extensive experience of playing together produces fiery Led Zeppelin covers and has a sound that not only crosses genres but is also completely unique.

An album that has been recorded in only four days in March 2017 in Brussels, "Night Walker" shows the quintet channelling its energies even more powerfully and consistently. In fact, all of the melodic instruments in Living Being are on the same level : “This album sounds like a collective project," explains Peirani. Vincent Peirani emphases rhythm by adding layers to each piece. Peirani pulls all together the melancholy of song, the elegance of classical music and the sheer power of rock.

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