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"Unstatic" Manu Katché’s new album

jeudi 4 février 2016

The previous Manu Katché quartet, recorded at the New Morning in 2014, was remarkable by its absence of bassist.
This time, the drummer returns for the new studio album, "Unstatic", for an enhanced formation of a bassist, Ellen Andrea Wang. We know the importance Manu Katché places with each of the bass players he has collaborated with. This is also clearly a return to basics, since the role of the bass was not entrusted to a specialist of the instrument but to the organ of Jim Watson during his two previous records !

This new album is immensely enjoyable, discovered as a result of soundscapes, whose colors blend gently, without disrupting bursts, even if they often have very communicative energy breakouts. Consisting of eleven tracks that invite the listener to travel, with memorable themes, this disc reveals a sense of composition more serene.

Manu Katché is also preparing an exceptional concert at the Olympia on April 7, 2016. At this occasion, he will gather his own group : Jim Watson (organ), Luca Aquino (trumpet), Tore Brunborg (saxophone), Ellen Andrea Wang (bass) and some incredible guests who have already confirmed their participation : Sting, Stefan Eicher, Noa, singer and guitarist Raul Midón and bassist Richard Bona.

Unstatic will be released on March 11th 2016

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