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Baptiste Trotignon meets Joe Lovano

mercredi 6 juin 2018

On one side there is the French instrumentist, Baptiste Trotignon, a self-taught piano player who keeps on evolving in the jazz universe since the age of 8. On the other hand appears the American saxophonist Joe Lovano, son of Tony Lovano (also called "Big T"), who only works on educating his children in having a strong jazz basis.

Both artists have impressive careers. As a student, Lovano was in the famous Berklee College of Boston. This place helped him to make numerous encounters that will have a huge impact on his way of playing the saxophone. As for Baptiste Trotignon, he entered the Music Conservatory of Nantes and obtained at the end of his formation the Piano & Composition Price. A few years later, he will be revealed as a comedian and piano player for his apparition in the film directed by Alain Corneau "Le Nouveau Monde", a turning point in his career. His human and friendly relationship with Minino Garay gave birth to Chimichurri, a creation that tends to put into light all jazz and Argentinean tango

Joe Lovano and Baptise Trotignon will perform on March, 23 at the National Opera of Bordeaux, an event during which they will combine tradition and modernity, lightness and technical feats. At least, the concert will delight not only the greatest jazz lovers, but also the neophytes.

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