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La Rudd, Human, Three Times Lightning

Wednesday 25 October 2017

Human is the new solo project from London’s La Rudd, previously known as one half of Grand National. After seven great years, two albums and several international tours, La left Grand National to develop his personal project, Human.

The songs have been around for a few years and in 2008 La was offered the use of an apartment in Morocco where he finally recorded them with his engineer and co-producer friend Matt Kemp.

The guitar and vocal on each song were recorded together live in one take then over-dubbed later in London. “I wanted to use the computer effectively like a tape machine. There were no click tracks. We used modern technology in an old fashioned way. The name comes from all of that, I wanted to make it as human as possible,” says La.

The album Three Times Lightning is available now on most digital platforms.

After opening for Alejandra Ribera at "Le New Morning" in Paris, La Rudd will enchant us with another performance at Castel Paris on November 15th.

In Paris on November 15th?
Please feel free to send an email at this address for invitations : matthieu

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