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Flavio Boltro : BBB Trio

jeudi 22 février 2018

Trumpet player Flavio Boltro is back with a new album in trio with Mauro Battisti on double bass and Mattia Barbieri on drums.

In this new album, the band focuses on rhythm sections and freedom in composition. Complicity and interplay are the keywords of that new repertoire, which blends electronic tones with acoustic instruments.

The album features original pieces (lyric, atmospheric but also rhythmic and energetic intensities), as well as pop music covers (Peter Gabriel, Radiohead…) and traditional Russian and French songs.

"I like venturing into other musics. It allows me to express me differently, to try new approaches, to travel on the paths of imagination and to find and to develop new ideas." explains Flavio Boltro.

An album that promises to make us travel.

To be discovered in June, 2018 !

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